US Masters Betting Tips

us masters betting tips

The Masters Tournament brings out every type of golf fan and for some they will do something that normally they would never do on any other golf tournament…They will make a bet on the Masters. But unlike making a bet on other PGA tournaments, there are certain tips you can use to help narrow down who to bet on the Masters and improve your odds of winning.

Over the history of the Masters there have been some consistent trends that have helped experts narrow down who to bet on to either win the Masters outright, or to help in making some picks throughout the week. We have compiled the best Masters Betting Guide to help you make informed betting decisions this year on golf’s most popular event, The Masters.

Masters Betting Strategy

If you are looking at picking some guys to win the Masters outright then you should first narrow down the field of who to pick from. Each year there are 90-100 golfers invited to play in the Masters. The number changes every year based on how guys qualify and how many past champions that get invited every year will play and that’s where we start in narrowing the field of guys you won’t be betting on.

Using Historical Trends

First, take out golfers that are older than 50 and realistically 45 should be your cut off point. There have been a few guys in their 40’s that have won a green jacket and with guys now playing well into their 40’s, age 50 is a safe cut off and probably except for a few exceptions guys over 45 will probably not win.

jack nicklaus masters win 1986
Jack Nicklaus 1986 Masters Win

Oldest Masters Winners

  • Jack Nicklaus 1986 – 46 yrs old
  • Tiger Woods 2019 – 43 yrs old, 3 months
  • Ben Crenshaw 1995 – 43 yrs old, 2 months
  • Gary Player 1978 – 42 yrs old
  • Sam Snead 1954 – 41 yrs old

Next, take out the first timers in the field off your betting slip. Only Fuzzy Zoeller in 1979 has ever won the Masters the first time playing…that right there will eliminate about 30 names off the list. While you are at it, take out last year’s winner since there have only been three back to back winners put on the green jacket and Tiger Woods was the last to do it back in 2002. On the chopping block next is amateur golfers in the field as no amateur golfer has ever won the Masters.

Also, something to keep in mind is there hasn’t been a number one golfer in the world on the OWGR rankings list that has won the Masters since Tiger Woods did it in 2002. Also another fun fact… the winning golfer who wins the Wednesday Par 3 Contest has also never won the Masters Tournament that same year – strike them off your list.

Finally, look at the cut line from the year before. There have only been two winners to win the Masters after missing the cut line the year before – Tiger Woods in 1996 and Patrick Reed in 2018.

Using some of these historical references should leave you with 30-35 players left to pick from and help you focus more on a potential winner of the Masters Tournament. So where do we go from here once we have narrowed down the herd? Follow me to the next Masters betting tip.

Horse For the Course Picks

Some guys simply own Augusta and even if they’ve never won, they seem to always be on the leaderboard on the final Sunday. Of the list of players left to choose from, look at their record at Augusta and the ones that always make the cut and have solid Top 20 or 25 finishes….put them on a short list of picks. Don’t feel like doing your own research? Hey we got you, here’s a short list of golfers who perform great at Augusta year after year.

jordan spieth masters champion
Jordan Spieth Masters Winner in 2015

Best Masters Horse For The Course Golfers

Here are my Top 3 players for the last 5 years at Augusta with their average finish.

  • Jordan Spieth – 7.6th place, 2015 Winner
  • Dustin Johnson – 5.5th place
  • Rory McIlroy – 9.4th place

Check The Betting Odds

Always check the current Masters Betting Odds which can tell you what the odds makers think as to who the favorites are to win, but also where the money is going either from the sharps or from the public. It’s a great reference to see what the bookmakers are thinking, after all they are usually dead accurate with their lines. If you know nothing about betting golf at all, just using the sportsbooks odds will guide you in the right direction.

Lefties Have An Advantage

The course at Augusta favors the left handed golfer! Pin placements, approach shots and fairway landing spots all favor a lefty and there was a stretch where 6 out of 12 Masters Winners were lefties. This has been talked about on tour forever but there just aren’t that many left handed golfers on the PGA Tour but if there is a lefty on your short list of players who is playing well leading up to the Masters Tournament…give him some added consideration for your betting slip.

Weather and Tee Times Have An Impact

The weather can get nasty at Augusta with rain or wind or both causing carnage on the course. There are times when the bad weather works against the golfers teeing off early on the Thursday and also against that same group on the Friday afternoon. To win your bet you will need the guy to make it into the weekend and a slow start on Thursday can kill a golfer’s score and knock him out of the tournament. Check the weather and then compare the tee times. If you have a list of 6 golfers on your betting slip and they are all scheduled to tee off Thursday morning make sure the weather is favorable, otherwise maybe adjust your bets and find 1 or 2 afternoon tee offs to hedge your bets.

Closing Thoughts – Profit Is All That Matters

Even after you taken your narrowed down list of 30-35 players and picked 3-10 outright winners doesn’t mean that you will cash in on one of them. However you can take that list and use it to your advantage by looking at making bets on the daily twosome or threesome betting lines. Odds makers will offer prop bets with lines where 2 or 3 golfers are picked and you can bet on which player will have the lower score of the day. We explain this betting more in our How to Bet on Golf Page. You can spread your bets around more and take advantage of the mismatches. Also, why not take advantage of some of the other prop bets like “Will there be a hole in one at the Masters?” Many betting sites offer this prop as an even money bet and with the 16th hole Sunday pin placement, the hole in ones are becoming more frequent and you have a lot of chances for one to hit over the 4 day tournament.

Wait you didn’t actually think we were down yet, right? Nah the ultimate Masters Betting Guide is going to hook you up with a few more Masters secrets to success:

  • Look for strong par 5 players. The par 5’s can present Eagle chances to the guys that can drive the green in two and the golfers that make the most eagles over the tournament generally come away with the green jacket.
  • Bentgrass is the Key – Augusta has Bentgrass greens and some players love putting on them and some don’t. Check out the stats and see who the best putters are on bentgrass.

The Masters offers a great opportunity for bettors to make some money…Take advantage, bet smart with good bankroll managment and win yourself some cash…Good Luck!

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