Masters Fantasy Golf Tips

fantasy masters golf

The Masters is here and it’s time to dust off the green jackets and start looking at which fantasy golf picks you will want to build your DFS lineups around. 

Every golf tournament is different and requires a different analysis when you are looking to make picks but the Masters is a different animal all its own. There are some constants that come up time and time again at Augusta and certain “rules” to follow when you are making fantasy golf picks. Whether you are playing for $1 Million at DraftKings or for $500,000 at FanDuel, our Masters Fantasy Golf Picks Strategies will help you drop some of the dead wood playing at Augusta and focus on the golfers that actually can help your team win.

DFS Strategies for The Masters

The Masters fantasy contests are some of the hardest to win because everyone and their mother are playing for a chance at $1,000,000. That being said there are so many live daily fantasy golf contests to choose from come Masters weekend that you can definitely find an edge in some of them. Here are some solid fantasy tips to build your lineups around:

Research Course History

Augusta National is hallowed ground and for some it’s a welcome site on the calendar and for some it sends shivers down their spine. You should know who loves to play at Augusta and who doesn’t. Check out the field of invitees and what their record has been over the last five years at the Masters. You can go further back if you want to look at course history but some players may have just been average golfers their first few years on the PGA Tour and now are playing at their level. Look for guys that have constantly made the cut and who have lurked on the leaderboard even if it was around the 10th -20th place finishes. Enough of those means that the golfer feels comfortable on the course, just may not have the chops to win the Masters. 

Avoid First Time Masters Golfers

Only once in the history of Augusta has a first time golfer won the Masters (Fuzzy Zoeller). Although you don’t need to pick a winner to win your fantasy golf contest it is helpful if all your picks make the cut. First time golfers at Augusta are in awe playing there the first time. There is tons of media for the first major of the year and a top field of golfers to compete against. The reality is that you want to look at players that have a history at Augusta when making your picks.

Pro Tip – There are first timers that are playing at The Masters for the first time that have played Augusta before. Either they grew up in Georgia and played there through other members or after they got their invite started to play practice rounds when their schedule was free

Who’s Hot, Who’s Cold

I love to pick golfers that are hot going into the Masters for my lineups. Guys that have played the last 2-3 weeks and have had strong finishes and have knocked on the door of recent tournaments can carry that over to Augusta especially if they have already a strong history there already. Play the hot hand, especially if it’s a guys who has always played well at Augusta.

Check The Weather Forecast

We are all used to seeing the beautiful sunny pics at the Masters but that’s not always the case. There are rainy days, there are windy days and there are rainy and windy days. All three can affect the course and the players in different ways and affect the shots made and the shots taken. A wet course can lead to players firing at the pin without the threat of the ball bouncing away although that usually results in a slower putt. Windy conditions means shots can end up anywhere including the danger areas and windy and rain can be bad all around. That’s not to say that a sunny day means perfect conditions. April in Georgia is usually pretty comfortable but there are times when there is a dry spell leading up to the Masters and hot and humid conditions that dry out the course can cause unpredictability with golf ball bounces. Check out the weather and take the conditions into consideration.

Pro Tip – Sometimes the weather only effects one round or a certain group of the round. If it’s going to be only wet or windy on Thursday afternoon then the morning group is the one that will be a better bet for an easier round of golf and possibly be better to make picks from.

Build Well-Rounded Lineups

The course at Augusta takes all kinds of shots to win. You need to be able to putt, you need to have distance to take advantage of the Par 5’s, you need good iron play to give yourself a chance on the greens and you need to be able to scramble out of trouble. All this while dealing with the pressure of playing in a major and playing at the Masters for a green jacket. Some of the best fantasy golf picks of the week aren’t going to be the favorites to win, many will be the second tier of golfers on the Tour that have made a career of being good, just not great.

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