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Our Verdict

4/5 is aptly named because it is simply the best database of golf stats online. 

The shear amount data on this site for every tournament and player in the history of golf is mind-blowing.  Everything is well-organized and searchable so if you are a golf bettor or fantasy golf player this site is a must use tool for you.

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A few years ago I got tired of losing money betting on golf. Some would say to just quit…but that wasn’t going to happen. I was also playing daily fantasy golf and although I enjoyed it…I wasn’t winning there much either.

I tried out some golf picks sites and tested them out. I tried out free golf picks on the web but those weren’t any better than my picks. I paid for some memberships and although the results were better, I wasn’t happy with any of them.

All that changed when I found Because I had already tried other golf membership sites, I knew what I was looking for in one and Golfstats fit the needs of what I needed. Now it was just a matter of how good were they at making golf picks either for betting or for fantasy golf…the answer was “Pretty good”!

What Do You Get With Golfstats

As with most golf pick sites, you can’t judge their results on just a few weeks so I took advantage of the discount deal I found and joined for a full year of golf. Now that doesn’t mean a full season, it’s 1 full year so if you join in May, you get golf picks until next May. This was important because by May most of the golf season was done but this way I got to see how good their picks were for 3 of the golf majors and then I would decide if I renew my membership the following year or not. It also helped that instead of paying $99.95 for the membership, I got an extra $5 off using the GolfStats Coupon Code GOLFBONUS when I signed up.

Most sites that offer up golf picks simply give a dozen or so names that are favorites and sleepers with a short write up of why each player has a chance to win. Golfstats goes much deeper than that.

golfstats previews

Each tournament is an extensive read that features some of the history of the tournament, an extremely in-depth analysis of the golf course and also their betting picks and daily fantasy golf picks mainly for DraftKings DFS contests. Just reading the tournament write up each week takes at least an hour if you go through all the stats and analysis that is offered up. Golfstats gives you detailed reviews of what stats you need to make your own picks as well as give details of which players have the best chances of success and why.

And the results? I’ve used them for 3 years now and have made money every year. I don’t just blindly take their picks and try to pick outright winners, I use them for head to head bets and other plays so that even if their picks don’t win that week, they do well enough that I win my other bets and fantasy golf contests.

Golfstats Reputation and Staff

Most sites that offer up golf picks for betting or for daily fantasy are either guys that had some mild success in DFS or made a few bucks betting and decided they can offer up picks online for $10/month. Sal Johnson created Golfstats in 1996 having worked at esteemed companies like Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, ABC Sports, Golf World, Golfweek and Sky Sports. He has a background of doing statistics and analysis for these companies and travels to all the golf tournaments to get a first hand feel of how the players are playing during practice rounds, how they are on the range and how the course is looking for the week. Other guys that offer up golf picks never leave their basement and simply watch the tournaments and do spreadsheet analysis to come up with their picks.  Having seen what other sites did for their golf picks and what Sal at Golfstats does for his, I knew I was getting a superior service compared to other sites. Coupon Code

As mentioned above, I got a bonus of $5 off when I joined using Golfstats coupon code GOLFBONUS, I tested it out for this review and it still works. Check it yourself here and click the full year banner and put in the promo code area at the bottom of the form and watch the price change.

Golfstats have plans available of 1,3 and 6 months that don’t auto-renew if you are worried about joining and forgetting to cancel your membership but the best bang for your buck is the 1 year membership.

Final Thoughts

It was for me and I’ve been a member for 3 years. I am not a big bettor or Draftkings player but I enjoy winning. My biggest betting payoff was at 40-1 and I won a $10,000 contest at Draftkings that I entered for $10. I win more than I lose which keeps me watching the PGA Tour events every week.

You can do what I did and try out other golf pick sites and come to the same conclusion that I did, or you can save yourself the time and research and simply join now!

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