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Fantasy golf has become one of the fastest growing interests in the DFS industry. There are lots of reasons why golf has taken off but one of the catalysts was fantasy sports operator DraftKings introducing it to the masses. Being the first DFS company to offer fantasy golf contests for free or for real money helped make DraftKings one of the biggest fantasy sports companies in the world.

Today, golf is one of the biggest games that DraftKings offers with millions of dollars given out just for the four golf majors and if you factor in the 40+ weeks of PGA Tournaments and European Tour events done almost throughout the calendar year it’s no wonder why DraftKings Fantasy Golf is as popular as it is.

So should you play fantasy golf at DraftKings? Our review of DraftKings golf is written with years of playing at the site and pretty much every other daily fantasy golf site out there. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the sites that just should never have been. Read about what DK golf is all about and then make up your mind about joining.

DraftKings Fantasy Golf Contests

DraftKings offers up fantasy golf contests for the PGA Tour and European Tour events. Every Monday around noon contests are posted as well as salary cap prices for players in the tournament field so that you can start reserving contests or looking at what golfers prices are set at to help you start to decide on what your fantasy picks will be to build a team around.

DraftKings offers players both daily and weekly fantasy golf leagues for each tournament of the year. They offer up free games for players that just want to have some fun but the bulk of their game offerings require an entry fee to play. Entry fees can be as low as 10 Cents and can go into the thousands.

To get started playing Fantasy Golf at DraftKings first you need to make a DraftKings account which you can do here DrafKings.com. You can then set up an account and start navigating the site. There are tons of free contests to play in if you want to get your feet wet and if you do decide to enter into a paid contest then when you make your first deposit of $5 or more you will get a FREE $3 contest entry ticket just for signing up from our link. You can even download the DraftKings mobile app after you sign up and play on your phone or tablet.

Types Of Contests At DraftKings

  • Tournaments (GPP’s)These are the big contests that offer big prizes for top finishers in the standings. Also known as GPP or Guaranteed Prize Pools, tournaments offer up a top prize and a large pool of players competing for it.

  • Satellites and QualifiersThese are tournaments as well although instead of offering up huge cash prizes they offer entries into some of the biggest Tournaments like the DraftKings Fantasy Golf Millionaire where you can win $1 Million. Generally satellites and qualifiers are free or very low entry fee contests that offer up a chance at playing in the biggest contests at a lower entry fee.

  • DraftKings Leagues League contests can range from 3-100 players and have various levels of prizes. You can create your own league with just your friends and play for fun and no entry fee or everyone contributes to the pot and you play for a cash prize. You can make the league private or open it up to other fantasy golf players on DraftKings. If you want to play with your friends and control the whole aspect of the contest, setting up a league is a great option.

  • Head-to-Head ContestsPick a contest against one other fantasy player – Best lineup wins! There are plenty of free contests to play head to head in or you pick an entry fee amount, find an opponent and winner takes the losers cash. It’s the simplest game to play and great for beginners to try out DFS golf or for people who are serious about making lineups and winning against the most people.

  • 50/50These are bigger versions of head to head contests where you enter and play against 10, 20, 50, even 100 other players and if you are better than more than half of the players entered, you will double your money.  In 50/50’s you just need to beat half the players to win back your entry fee plus almost the same amount.

  • Double Up’s – In Double Ups to actually double your money you need to be slightly better than half the field.

  • Multipliers – Multipliers are similar to double up’s but have more people to beat but bigger rewards. It’s great for players that like the 50/50 aspect of the game but want to improve their odds of winning money.


Remember, if you are new to daily fantasy golf or DFS in general, DraftKings offers up “Beginner” contests that allow you to play only other fantasy players that are also new to DraftKings and avoid playing some of the better more seasoned players out there.

How Do You Play Fantasy Golf On DraftKings

DraftKings Fantasy Golf is a salary capped based game when you are allotted a budget of $50,000 and you need to create a lineup of 6 golfers that fit into that budget. Every golfer entered into that week’s tournament is assigned a salary based on how good the golfer is in the real world. Generally the best golfers listed are in the $10,000-$12,000 range and the lowest ranked golfers start at $6,000. It is up to you to choose 6 golfers that will score the most points either for the whole tournament, or if you choose to play in a daily or weekend contest, score the most points for that time period.

To choose your players, click on the “+” next to the player(s) you want to pick, they will be added to your lineup and you’ll be able to keep track automatically how much per player and in total you have to spend on remaining players. Complete you lineup and confirm your entry to enter the contest. You can then enter other contests with the same lineup, or enter other contests with a different lineup and creating it using the steps above.

If you start to second guess yourself, you have until the first tee off of the tournament to edit your lineups and improve your fantasy golf team.   After the tournament starts, you can follow your teams under the “Contests” tab and watch in almost real time how your players are doing and how your team stacks up against your opponents.

draftkings golf

Golf Scoring Rules

If you are going to be playing fantasy golf at DraftKings, knowing the scoring system will help you decide on which golfers you should look at picking for your DFS lineups. Below is a summary of the scoring used by DraftKings for their golf contests.

General Scoring

Double Eagle or Better = 13 pts
Eagle = 8 pts
Birdie = 3 pts
Par = 0.5 pts
Bogey = -0.5 pts
Double Bogey = -1 pts
Worse than Double Bogey = -1 pts


Streak of 3 Birdies or More = 3 pts
Bogey Free Rounds =  3 pts
All Rounds Under 70 = 5 pts
Hole In One = 5 pts

DraftKings Prize Pools and Contests

DraftKings contests for golf kind of stand up above the crowd. The four majors run the Fantasy Golf Millionaire Contests where for an entry fee of $20 you can play for a 1st place prize of $1 Million dollars! Throughout the rest of the year there are large GPP tournaments as well with prizes in the hundreds of thousands and there are countless other contests to play in for cash like the head to head’s, 50/50’s, leagues etc. Other big tournaments like the PLAYERS Championship usually brings out a big tournament and during the PGA Tour season there are usually one or two other big promos that offer up some unique prize to play for. In other words…you won’t be hurting for games to play at DraftKings!

DraftKings Beginner Tip

If you are still unsure about playing for money, there are many free roll contests that offer up cash prizes that you can join in just for being a member. These free contests pop up all the time in their fantasy contest lobby so joining up and having an account is the only way to know when these contests are available.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, we’ve been playing fantasy golf games at DraftKings since they started up. We played in the Fantasy Golf Millionaire when it was called the Millionaire Maker and when the entry fee was $200 for a chance to win $1 Million. There really isn’t much negative to say about playing DFS golf at their site. Finding contests is easy, setting up a lineup can be done quickly, you can enter a large number of contests with the same lineup easily and edit all your lineups if you need to and then when the tournament starts you can follow along the action from your screen and see how your players are doing with every hole they complete. Their user interface and in-game experience has always been good, they offer a strong variety of PGA tournaments and European Tour events and have even created scoring systems for golf tournaments that in the past didn’t have fantasy golf because of their set up like the WGC Match Play tournaments. They offer the BIGGEST fantasy golf contests for the 4 majors and in the past have had prizes of golf experiences of trips and even a meet up with Tiger Woods.

They are a legal fantasy sports site that is licensed in almost every U.S. state and are a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. If you are going to be playing fantasy golf for real money and are looking for a DFS site…DraftKings should be a must join site for you.

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