What Is The Best Fantasy Golf Site

Did you ever think the day would come were you could win 1 Million dollars in a fantasy golf contest?  Well those days are here and it is a big reason why I and many others have become big fans of fantasy golf and play weekly.

If you don’t know which fantasy golf site is famous for giving away $1,000,000 for 1st place in their groundbreaking Milly Maker contests then this Best Fantasy Golf site list is for you.  We look at the top fantasy golf sites fromthe biggest to the smallest and help you decide which site is the best palce for you to play.  Whether you want to play for free or take your shot in real money conteststhe sites listed below have something for everyone.

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draftkings millionaire contest

Quick Summary - The Best Fantasy Golf Sites


There is no question DraftKings has seperated itself from the pack when it comes to Fantasy Sports contests.  They are the most popular site with the biggest prize pools in fantasy golf.  The contests they hold for all the majors are famous for their usual $1M top place prize.

Fantasy Contest Tours
PGA, European


The 2nd most popular place for fantasy golf is no doubt FanDuel and our best place to play for beginners.  Their prize pools are huge as well with 1st place prizes ranging anywhere from $10K to $100k depending on the tournament.  They have smaller entry fee minimum’s, as low as .05 cents, thus making it much more beginner friendly.

Fantasy Contest Tours


Fantasy Draft is known for being very user friendly and for having low rake.  They don’t have the biggest prize pools or player base but that can be a good thing.  The sharks tend to only focus on the top two sites meaning you have a better chance at finishing in the money from week to week at Fantasy Draft.

Fantasy Contest Tours

#1 - DraftKings

draftkings golf

Fantasy Rule System:  Salary Cap
Golfers Per Lineup: Draft 6 Golfers
Styles of Contests:  Classic (Full Weekend), Weekend Only, Match Play, Showdown
Contest Types: Tournaments, Head to Head, Beginner, 50/50, Double Ups, Multipliers, Satellites


  • Biggest prize pools in DFS
  • Home of the Fantasy Golf Millionaire Contest
  • Ease of use, very easy to navigate and enter contests


  • Where all the shark or best players play so winning the big tournaments is no easy chore
  • Need more mid-range entry fees in the $4 to $15 range

Bottom Line:  There is not much to say about DraftKings that hasn’t been said, they are the kings of fantasy sports in North America.  If you want to win the big money then you need to be playing at DK weekly in PGA contests.  What really set them apart from the field was when they began offering their Milly Maker contests now called the Fantasy Golf Millionaire.  This arguably made Fantasy Golf soar in popularity as we all chased the dream of seeing a $1,000,000 paycheck.  It is an incredibly hard contest to win as you can imagine but if you are playing for the thrill of it there is nothing more fun then a weekend sweat with that kind of money on the table.

Besides the big prize pools they are the industry standard in software and live scoring.  The most popular contest is the Classic full weekend contest where you draft a team of 6 golfers for the full 4 rounds of a tournament.  They introduced a new style in 2019 called “Weekend Golf”, where you can now enter contests for just Saturday and Sunday or even go round by round.  They are pretty fast with their payouts and usually within an hour after the contest has ended your winnings will be instantly sent to your account.

They have a mobile app which I would say is just average, it gets the job done but the best experience is using the desktop application.  You can play for free or real money at DraftKings and if you are new they have beginner contests which only new players can enter.  This is a great feature which can level the playing field when you are just starting out.  To sum it all up, if you are interested in playing Fantasy Golf Draftkings should be your top choice if you can only choose just one site.

#2 - FanDuel

fanduel review

Fantasy Rule System:  Salary Cap
Golfers Per Lineup: Draft 6 Golfers
Styles of Contests:  Classic (Full Weekend), Weekend Only, Single Round
Contest Types: Tournaments, Head to Head, Beginner, 50/50, Beat The Score, Multipliers, 100 Player, Satellites


  • Great selection of lower entry fee contests in the .05 cents to $4 range
  • While the prize pools aren’t as large as DraftKings, they are still massive with top payouts as high as $100K in some contests
  • Have a Beat the Score contest for those of you who don’t want to compete against other players.  You just have to beat a target total of points set by Fanduel.


  • Their live scoring screen needs work, for example a search feature to find other players
  • No contest CSV’s available to download, this should be mandatory for all DFS sites at this point

Bottom Line:  FanDuel have been in the fantasy game for a long time now and actually paved the way for daily fantasy sports as we know it today. While DraftKings may have passed them in terms of market cap and player base they are still standing strong as a top choice to play Fantasy Golf.

Their golf product consistently produces large prize pools and they like DraftKings have monster payouts for all the Majors.  If I was a brand new player to daily fantasy golf I would likely start my bankroll at Fanduel.  They have way more lower entry contests available than DK does so you can swim amongst the minnow for awhile before you are ready to take on the bigger shark players.  Basically, if you want to play for the biggest payouts then FanDuel is a must join with DraftKings.  They are the two best for a reason and FanDuel has actually been around longer.

#3 - Fantasy Draft

fantasy draft golf contest

Fantasy Rule System:  Salary Cap, Drop Lowest Score
Golfers Per Lineup: Draft 7 Golfers
Styles of Contests:  Classic (Full Weekend)
Contest Types: Tournaments, Head to Head, Beginner, 50/50, Satellites


  • Lowest rake in DFS
  • Very user friendly customer service
  • Lowest level of competition compared to the other bigger DFS sites
  • Get to drop your lowest scoring golfer from lineup


  • Overall prize pools will pale in comparision to larger sites
  • Less contests to choose from

Bottom Line:  Fantasy Draft is the lesser known DFS site, which really is a shame because they are doing a lot of things right.  They have always offered the lowest rake in fantasy sports which is a big deal for the player.  The problem is most average fantasy golf players don’t fully understand rake and just chase the large prize pools.

What really makes them different is their drop a score feature for fantasy golf contests.  You draft 7 golfers for every contest and at the end of the tournament your lowest scoring golfer gets dropped from your team. Your final score is calculated from your best 6 golfers.  This really lets you take a little more risk when drafting your lineups as you can chase some sleeper picks and if they bust you get to drop them.

So will Fantasy Draft ever have the big prize pools and player base to compete with the big two? Likely not unless they get bought out or get some new investors with loads of cash.  That being said sometimes it’s not all about the big proze pools, customer servive and low rake go along way.  If you are truly trying to make consistent money and grind out a DFS career you should be starting on Fantasy Draft.

What To Look For In A Fantasy Golf Site

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to weekly fantasy golf.  The great thing in the industry right now is we do have choices and options.  Most of us only have so much extra money lying around for hobbies like fantasy sports, so we must choose wisely when it comes to planning our bankrolls for each site.  I know joining everyone is not an option for everyone so here are some helpful tips on picking the site that is right for you.


The first thing you should be doing when looking to play at a new site is to check their lobby for freerolls or free entry golf contests.  Most sites offer them or even beginner contests for fun.  Make sure to enter some of these so you can get a feel for how the drafting process works and to get an understanding of each sites scoring system. 


As mentioned at the top, we’ve seen fantasy sites come and go and we’ve been burned by a few as has anyone that’s played DFS golf as long as we have. One of the reasons we steer players towards DraftKings and FanDuel is because they are reputable and when we make a deposit we have full confidence that our money is safe.  I can tell you right now I have been playing on our top 3 sites for over 3 years now and all are safe, reputable companies.  DraftKings is also now a public company so you can trust your money is safe on their site.

If you are going to try out a new fantasy site, be cautious and don’t make large cash deposits. If the site continues to grow and their player base grows and their prize offerings grow then you can drop your guard a bit but still keep a reasonable eye on things. If a new big company like ESPN or CBS Sports was to enter the industry and start to offer up daily fantasy sports then you can probably bet on them being reputable enough and trust them.

Player Base and Competition

A DFS fantasy golf site can be the best site in the world but if there’s no one to play against you are going to be awfully lonely. Check out how many games are in the lobby and how full they are. A site may offer a ton of games but if there are just a few players in each of them and they never fill up then it may be time to look elsewhere for your fantasy golf fix.

Types of Fantasy Games

Currently Salary cap games are the only ones being offered at top daily fantasy golf sites. You do however have the choice of types of contests like head to head, double ups/50-50’s, GPP’s and Satellite or qualifier contests. Each fantasy site offers up these types of games both for real money or free games to play just for fun.

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